Transportation You Need When Planning Battersea Vaccation

If your company takes you and From London on a regular basis, why don’t you think about the prestige and advantage of leasing a helicopter for you to fulfill your customers in time?

battersea london is ideally located by the River Thames, and is within easy reach of the most important business areas of London. Wherever you’re located, the heliport provides a workable and accessible solution for getting to all those critical meetings punctually. If you rely on luxury travel through helicopter, then you do not need to be concerned about being delayed in traffic jams, and you’ll be able to enjoy a far more comfortable travel en route.

If you take a limousine for you in the helicopter into your destination, you’ll have one waiting for you. You might even arrange for transportation to pick one up from the workplace and take you straight to the heliport – all of which means that you can focus on the company at hand and let’s take care of these details that make all of the difference.

The quantity of time you may save by employing this system of transportation may surprise you. The normal flight period by helicopter charter out of central London to Birmingham, for instance, is only forty minutes. In case you’ve got a business partner in Manchester you might be together in less than ninety minutes – with the minimum of waiting period before and after your trip.

The Battersea London is nicely built to accommodate your requirements, and contains two executive suites where you are able to relax while waiting to board your trip. A broad choice of refreshments can be available, ensuring you’ll arrive at your destination refreshed and prepared for your assembly.

Even Though the heliport is Surprisingly little – that the helipad itself is on a purpose built jetty extending into the Thames – it manages hundreds of flights each year, servicing the needs of corporate customers and private customers on a daily basis. It’s secure parking facilities in case you want to get there on your car, and complete Customs and Immigration service‚Äôs too.

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